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Revenue $190.8 million


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS full-time Cons: secretly going out of business"

Former Employee - Engineering Technician says

"I worked at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Company was driven to bankruptcy by greedy upper level mgmt who spent money to impress others both in and outside of unilife. Lunch everyday for the whole company at 250.00 day average, dinners for those that stayed past 10 hours to work at 500.00 minimum a night, EVERY DAY. CEO Alan Shortall and a few of his his direct underlings are to blame."

Former Employee - Held Multiple Positions says

"I worked at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS full-time for more than 3 years Cons: There were more people in management than employees for most of my time at Unilife. I've listened to more than one of the former VPs lie directly to investors and people on their tour. Production and other members of staff including engineers were asked on multiple occasions to "simulate" assembly and pretend to work in the clean rooms. All to save face with investors and people on tours. I've never seen a company "write-off" as many dinners, hotels, plane tickets, and nights out as Unilife. Those favored by the higher-ups could disappear for days, weeks, and some even months at a time as long as they were "working from home" they kept their jobs. Yes you read that right, there was an individual or two that nobody saw for MONTHS, they came back to work and received a promotion shortly after. I could go on because at Unilife I've been witness to and experienced the most Egregious business practices I've ever seen. While the operators and other lower level people may struggle to find gainful employment the lazy, dishonest, and greedy individuals higher up will most likely find better jobs within the medical and pharma community."

Former Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"I worked at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS full-time for more than a year Cons: Unrealistic expectations from an under qualified and pompous supervisor. No teamwork within the company at all! Still a very cliche driven company with no respect for the people who are needed the most to succeed!"

Former Employee - Senior Product Development Engineer says

"I worked at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS full-time for less than a year Cons: Unfortunately, there is not much guidance or management that takes place because young employees are being promoted very early and they lack the experience necessary for management."


"I have been working at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Cons: Too many - poor mgmt, toxic work practices, zero professional growth, lack of vision and structure, poor discipline towards accomplishing goals, poor communication within teams, no respect for creativity. No financial discipline or business concern for investors, customers or partners."


"I worked at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Cons: They are stalking me. Almost a year after I've left the company. Seriously, I know that sounds ridiculous, and I won't go into detail. But the company is most certainly, stalking me. Unilife is run by evil, evil, evil entities. I'm not sure I'd even call them people. They will play psychologically oppressive games with you to make you think that you're slowly going crazy. Advice to folks inside: You're not crazy. Don't listen. Get OUT. Advice to people wanting to get inside: Turn around. Run away. Fast. Now. Unless you want to have the breath, life, soul, and any ounce of human empathy you may possess slowly sucked out of you, at such a rate that you won't even notice until it's GONE."

Former Employee - QC Technician says

"I worked at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS full-time for less than a year Cons: This place is not what your interviewers will have you believe. They will tell you that it is a positive learning environment with a huge focus of developing employee skills. The facility is new and shiny and everyone is smiling, so it's easy to want to believe them. What you actually get is little to no proper leadership nor training, numerous cliques (like this is high school), vague instruction, and oppressive atmosphere. The people in the QC lab are alright, but not especially welcoming. The normal energy in that lab is fine, but you can feel the energy shift significantly whenever anyone from management enters the lab, especially the President (though their presence is rare). Any smiles dissipate in a moment. Not to mention the lab manager will hint that you need to work five 12 hour days a week. He'll never come out and say it straight up, because demanding that of your employees is illegal. But they expect that from you regardless, and they will let you go if you don't work those hours. Also, the QC training is a joke. The management assigns senior QC techs to train the new ones. Sound logic, but those senior employees have a secret hate of both their managers and the company. They spit venom when alone and smile and nod in management’s presence. Very unhealthy work environment, and very discouraging as a new employee. To make matters worse, those senior employees have no interest in training and thus they do a very poor job of it. They show you a test once, with poor or inadequate instruction, and then expect you to perform it perfectly for hundreds of samples immediately. Way to break someone in, huh? I mentioned that they cater lunch and dinner. Great, right? Sure, it’s nice and it’s actually pretty good food. However, it is only exists solely as a hint to stay later and work your 12 hour shifts, all without saying it out loud or putting it on paper. Slick people over there. Many members of management are really quick to accuse people of suspicious behavior or intentions, with little or no reasonable cause to do so. It made me extremely suspicious of their own ethics. They’re so quick to turn the tables on people, everyone fears them and no one dares to look behind their side of the table. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re knee deep in shady handlings. All in all, if you’re able to tune out your environment, smile and agree with management in the face of abuse, and keep your head down this is a good job with good pay (how can it not be good pay when working 20 hours of overtime every week?). However, if you want to actually like the place you work and people you work with, I strongly recommend that you look elsewhere."


"I have been working at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Cons: Everything! people, stressful environment. Senior level takes advantage of others."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at UNILIFE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS full-time Cons: Extremely long working hour. The management does not care if your have life outside Unilife. Some managers are not qualified to be a manager. Too much micromanagement."

Production Associate (Current Employee) says

"This was a disappointing job opportunity. I thought I would have some kind of advancement (professional, financial, or respectful) opportunity in the year I had been employed. All I do is follow GMP for a certain part of the process and its simple production work. Don't see management at all (once a week would be amazing) and it seems like they don't care about seeing production much. Most of the coworkers within are department are okay, not sure on the corporate side. The hardest part of the job is trying to deal with the lack of communication and care other departments have here to deal with ours, which needs to communicate to others in order to get the job done. The only enjoyable part is that I can externally motivate my coworkers to get tasks done."

Production Associate / machine operator (Former Employee) says

"This place was an R and D place that would have been good if not for management lining their pockets with the research money.My first year we were on mandatory 5 -12 hr days, but as i was off for surgery they closed down my line and eventually closed the whole place down. Cons: management elitism culture"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Free lunch for office staff. Highly dysfunctional, angry management. Hostile culture. Like reliving junior high school. On a bad day. Zero team work. Kill or be killed. Cons: lack of job security"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Disrespectful and condescending management, expected to work 24/7, and the company has a very uncertain future. If you can stomach it, you will get more experience in a few years than you'll get in five years anywhere else. The people you work with are highly motivated and intelligent. Strongly strongly not recommended for anyone married or with children. Cons: Work-life balance, management, company culture"

Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Nice technology, but the place is a giant revolving door! As long as your willing to sacrifice your personal life, it'll be the craziest 6 months of your life!"

Product Development Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for a job that won't last long but will pay well and have good benefits then they might be a good match for you but the employee turnover is terrible both do to burnout and laying off employees whenever their project moves on instead of moving them to another project. The hours are also immense particularly for the machine shop workers and Quality Control Technicians who regular pull off 12+ hour shifts regulary and worse when it gets busy. Cons: extreme hours, almost no job security."

Teleatendente (Former Employee) says

"Tive a oportunidade de aprender coisas novas e conhecer pessoas maravilhosas, onde tive um bom desempenho em equipe trabalho com perfeição. Cons: Não fornece vale alimentação"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Unilife has developed a novel technology for an industry that is very tough to break into. Surviving the gap between completion of R&D and commercialization requires funding and frugality. The previous leadership team sealed the fate of the business by spending recklessly on a separate product line that had no future. Unilife could not survive. Cons: fiscal naivete, very difficult market for product"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Great job co-workers are fun to work with benifits are good.Just long hours.And alot of sitting around watching tv.Free lunch on friday. Cons: Long hours of work"

Product Development Technician/QC Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Developing and completing test on multiple products as a finished customer ready device, as well as each individual component that makes up the finished device. Cons: Late nights, vacation time short"

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"Dynamic environment, where change is constant. Ideal for adaptable operators and those who can be creative amidst the opportunities that varying workplace entails. Cons: The entitlements of the University Enterprise Agreement, were revoked for the staff of the student association."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was only at Unilife for my 3 month, before they laid off. They took 4 shifts and made into only 1 shift,but while I was there I tried to take in all I could we really weren't on any 1 machine for awhile they rotated us around all the machines,the last one I was training on was the packer.As to management I talk alittle to them but we were in the clean rooms all day,as to the coworkers there were some that would show and help you all they could, I did learn alot from them. As to the hardest part really there wasn't any job hard. As to the enjoyable part,we worked 12 hour days so in 2 weeks we would work 7. Cons: really i can't say anything as to cons."